92 Year Old Sets World Record For Oldest Woman To Finish Marathon

Harriette Thompson isn’t your ordinary senior citizen. As of this week, the 92 year old cancer survivor set the world record for being the oldest woman to  complete the San Diego marathon (26.2 miles) in 7 hrs, 24 mins & 36 secs. This success comes a year after Thompson broke Gladys Burrill’s 2010 record  was when she ran in the 2014 San Diego Marathon finishing in 7 hrs, 7 mins & 42secs.

While some would infer that Thompson has been running her whole life, it turns out she actually just started running marathons at the age of 76! While her success of running has been the most obvious or Thompson’s skill, her ability to raise money should be acknowledged as well. Harriette Thompson reportedly raised over $100,000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society since 1999 (via CNN). And if that wasn’t enough, Harriette Thompson is a concert pianist.

After viewing Harriettes story, there clearly should be no excuse for anyone who believes age plays a role in one’s success; Thompson is a true definition of hard work & perseverance.

What’s your excuse?