Presidential Debate Recap: Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump

Last week the Democratic nominee (Hillary Clinton) & Republican nominee (Donald Trump) had their first presidential debate. While both candidates touched on many issues such as creating jobs, immigration control, and foreign policy; the most important question posed during this debate dealt with the current police brutality cases constantly inundating every black community in America.

“Asked if she believed police officers were “implicitly biased” against African-Americans, Mrs. Clinton suggested that all Americans were susceptible to bias. “I think unfortunately too many of us in this great country jump to conclusions about each other,” she said.

■ Asked about race relations, Mrs. Clinton said that race remained “a significant challenge” in the country, adding that the criminal justice system treated minorities differently. Mr. Trump said Mrs. Clinton “doesn’t want to use a couple of words” — law and order — before defending the contentious stop-and-frisk police strategy. “African-Americans and Hispanics are living in hell,” he said. “You walk down the streets, you get shot. -New York Times

Clearly both candidates used rhetoric to dance around this question. And while Trump’s answer was more worse of the two, it’s important to note that both did not directly answer the question. Deeming something as “implicit” is to deem something as “absolute”. Data and statistics show that minority communities absolutely get monitored more than others. In fact, it’s because of strategic oppressed laws such as “Stop & Frisk” that creates an inevitable “implicit bias” among cops and most of society.

So why would two of our presidential candidates not consider facts and data when addressing a question as such? Makes you wonder if Hillary and Trump are more or less the same doesn’t it…