Trump Meets With Several False Prophets For Black History Month Meeting

Birds of a feather truly flock together, and president Trump’s black friends ain’t any different. On the first day of African-American Black History Month, the president had a “little meeting”, to commemorate African-Americans in this nation (“and around the World”…because that makes a lot of sense) with some of his most trustworthy coons cronies. The president touched briefly, like 20 seconds briefly, on Dr. Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglas  before boasting about his presidential victory and future victories to come. Along side of his reiteration of victory, Trump gave the opportunity for his black supporters to introduce themselves in front of the press. As a black male nothing is more sad to see such a fake and weak overclass of black people who try to represent “a majority” that truly doesn’t have the same fews as them. The fake laughs and smiles are nothing but inherited traits of weak compromised souls that this young generation sees right through. With that being said, please watch the video and let us know what you think!