Seattle Judge Temporarily Blocks Muslim Travel Ban!

Here we go again! It’s been over a week since acting Attorney General Sally Yates was fired for her public refusal to support Trumps executive order of banning Muslim entry into the United States. Less than 12hrs of Yates’ opposition, Trump fired her and the travel ban was restored. Yesterday, Seattle Federal Judge James Robart temporarily halted the ban by submitting an order that states Trump’s ban is unconstitutional. The results of this act could very well lead this Executive Order to the Supreme Court. For how long will the temporary order grant access to Muslim travel? Probably for not very long. As shown before, Trump has a huge problem with anyone who defies his orders. If this case goes to the Supreme Court, however, this will be even more interesting now that  conservative judge Neil Gorsuch is set to take Justice Scalia’s vacant seat. Some might be wondering why a Federal Judge is allowed to overstep the president. It is the constitution that upholds a Federal Judge’s orders to be reviewed under judiciary review even when going against a president. The constitution grants this power so that one person, yes even the president, cannot control sole power of the law of the land. Now, does that mean Trump won’t fight against this action? Hell no! However, it is interesting to see the various politicians using their own judicial power to help do what they can to voice their concerns during a tragic time for families with Visas  needed to travel to or from the United States.