Honda Builds Autonomous Lawn Mower

If you’re like me, you might remember those days of having to wake up in the scorchin’ summer heat to cut the grass. I remember the continuous amount of times I had to put gas in the lawn mower tank. I also remember the annoying task of changing garbage bags once filled to allow room for another bag of cut grass to be stored. Thanks to science, however, these mundane tasks will soon come to an end to some lucky kid out there. Thanks to some Honda engineers, human lawn mowers will too be replaced by technology.

After having a successful trial run in Europe, Honda is ready to release two of there Miimo models (HRM 310 & HRM 520 ) in the American market.

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via new atlas

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“The first robotic mower from Honda to be released in the US, the Miimo is a battery-powered mower that packs a microcomputer, timer and sensors so homeowners can set and forget. The timer can be set for day or night mowing, while the seasonal timer can customize cutting intervals based on the season – getting on the job more often in spring, for example.

Initial setup requires the installation of boundary wires to ensure the Miimo won’t stray. These boundary wires can be installed either under or on top of the ground around the lawn perimeter and around obstacles such as trees or flowerbeds. And Honda will save you the hassle of tackling this task yourself by installing the wires for you.

Riding on high-traction wheels to handle slopes of up to 25 degrees, the mowers are fitted with pivoting steel blades that spin both clockwise and anti-clockwise to extend their working life. Honda says the Miimo is designed to not cut grass as short as traditional lawn mowers, but to perform trims more regularly, with the tiny clippings it produces able to more easily disperse into the lawn root system to act as a natural fertilizer.”

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