5 New Workouts to Do At Home!


 Here is another list of  “five workouts”  you can do at home that won’t take more than 30 minutes. Remember,  if you get right to work on this list, you’ll get them over with in no time:

  1. Push-up w/single leg raise- Get into the regular push-up position. Lift one of your legs off of the ground, (about 12in (1ft) in the air). Keep that leg in the up position while you do half of your normal count of push-ups and do the second half with your opposite leg in the air. (Do as many reps as you can) (X3sets)
  2. Squat Jumps- Have your legs about shoulder length apart and then go down until legs create a 90 degree angle. Once in that position, you are going to explode up into the air, (try to get your vertical as high as you can). When you come back down to the ground, go straight back into a 90 degree angle with your legs. To complete this exercise up, you are going to stand up and then do it again, and again, and again…..(15 jumps)(X3sets)
  3. Side Lunges– While feet facing forward, keep them parallel. Stay in this same form while doing your movements. Step to the side, with left or right foot, while bending the knee that you led with and keep the other leg completely straight. Switch the leading leg after every rep.(20 on each leg)(X3sets)
  4. 6 inches with leg kicks- While on your back, keep your legs together and keep them six inches off of the ground. Also keep your back slightly off of the ground (slight forward tilt). Then begin to kick up and down, while keeping your core (stomach & abdomen) completely flexed the entire work out. You will feel a very strong burn in your abs, just kick right through the pain!(45 seconds)(X3sets)
  5. Front Planks- You are going to keep your body completely flat, straight, and tight. To do this, get into the push-up position, and drop your arms to the elbows. You will then continue holding yourself up with your t on your elbows. Remember to keep your elbows directly under your shoulders. Tighten your core the entire time and plank!(45 seconds)(X3sets)

Doing this workout a few times a week or even mixing some of these workouts with the last list of home workouts  posted, will show results in no time. Like I said before, I know everyone is busy with his/her respective daily routines, but try to give yourself 30 minutes to get in some form of a workout daily.