CEO Raises Price Of Pharmacy Pill By 4000%!

Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turning Pharmaceuticals, set the Internet ablaze this week after raising the cost of a pill that historically only was $18 to now an unforeseeable $750. Martin Shkreli even admits that despite the crazy costs patients now have to pay, that he was “always in the business of making profit” off of the 62 year old drug; Daraprim.

Excerpt via Washington Post

–“Daraprim, which is used to treat a life-threatening condition called toxoplasmosis caused by parasitic infection, had been sold for $18 a pill by the company that previously held the rights to the drug. But when Turing bought the medicine last month, it immediately raised the price to $750 a pill — a move that some patient advocates calculated would bring the annual cost of treatment for a single person to hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

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