Texas GOP Elector Christopher Suprun Will Not Cast Vote For Trump!!

First let me start off by saying that this article’s purpose isn’t intended to persuade or convince anyone that the Electoral College should elect Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump this December 19, 2016. You see, regardless if Hillary or Donald Trump won, this election proved that most people, politicians especially, will not only compromise their previous “ideologies”. But that they will compromise their friends, family, and non-supporters to persuade or guilt trip them into voting for both (previous) candidates.

Some Democrats and Republicans are both guilty of compromising for candidates they truly didn’t believe in. And while tensions are still high over the president-elect Donald Trump, very few people have the power to discuss this said compromise on an electoral level, however, except for Christopher Suprun.

Christopher Suprun is a one of 38 Texas electors who represents the GOP (Grand Old Party), however, he will not be casting his final vote this December 19th.

NYT Excerpt (from above story):

— “….Mr. Trump lacks the foreign policy experience and demeanor needed to be commander in chief. During the campaign more than 50 Republican former national security officials and foreign policy experts co-signed a letter opposing him. In their words, “he would be a dangerous president.” During the campaign Mr. Trump even said Russia should hack Hillary Clinton’s emails. This encouragement of an illegal act has troubled many members of Congress and troubles me.

Hamilton also reminded us that a president cannot be a demagogue. Mr. Trump urged violence against protesters at his rallies during the campaign. He speaks of retribution against his critics. He has surrounded himself with advisers such as Stephen K. Bannon, who claims to be a Leninist and lauds villains and their thirst for power, including Darth Vader. “Rogue One,” the latest “Star Wars” installment, arrives later this month. I am not taking my children to see it to celebrate evil, but to show them that light can overcome it.

Gen. Michael T. Flynn, Mr. Trump’s pick for national security adviser, has his own checkered past about rules. He installed a secret internet connection in his Pentagon office despite rules to the contrary. Sound familiar?”—

Regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump, the main focus should be that Christopher Suprun isn’t compromising his vote out of fear or pressure. Christopher Suprun is making his decision based on his own merit and moral. And while one electoral vote probably won’t make a difference within the upcoming weeks, just think, how different this country would be, Democrats & Republicans both, if people and politicians didn’t sell their souls and stayed grounded like Christopher Suprun.

Let us know how you feel about Suprun’s decision below!