Kushner To Allow Rich Chinese Immigrants Visas In Exchange of Large Investments!

Remember all that talk about blocking immigrants from coming into America? You know, the whole “BUILD THAT WALL”, “KEEP THEM OUT” chants.This was a well known ideology Donald Trump and his campaign adamantly pushed during his presidential election. Moreover, once sworn into office, Trump wasted no time to implement his travel ban on select countries who flew to the U.S. A  travel ban that was targeted predominantly in Muslim countries.  But also, a travel ban that was eventually shut down by sensible Federal judges and deemed unconstitutional; twice. Well you know what they say, if one scheme doesn’t work, go to plan B!

In recent news, Nicole Kushner Meyer, (who is the sister of Jared Kushner – Trump’s son-in-law and White House adviser) met in Beijing to discuss investment options into a $976 Million Kushner property in New Jersey. Nicole Kushner Meyer told a private group of clients that an investment of $500,000 could earn them a EB-5 Visa. Eventually this Visa could turn into a potential clearance method to become a permanent American citizen.

Now, do I have a problem with Chinese immigrants coming to the U.S.? Of course not! However, I do have a problem with the current administration’s selection and how of hey selectively choose who can enter and who cannot enter this country. At this point a box a rocks is smarter than a lot of living Americans who believe in Trump. If it isn’t clear that this is a simple move of “the rich get richer” scheme, then I don’t know what else to tell you!

CNN Money reports that the Kushner’s want at least 15% ($142 Million) of funding of this gigantic property funding to come from EP Program investors.

via CNN Money

Besides the ethical standpoint of Trump now having a hand in American politics and now international and national business, how do you think this will shape the future job force of America?

Real estate is one of the oldest professions in early civilizations.History will consistently show that power is greatly skewed to the land owners rather than the renter. Likewise, think about what Trump’s companies and his cronies can do with different apartments, residential neighborhoods, and commercial property, as an owner? Clearly this a perfect time for him to corner the market to his advantage as an already billionaire tycoon. Moreover, not just as any billionaire tycoon but an individual that can now leverage property and AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP!! 

What are your thoughts about the recent news of this EP-Visa program in exchange of American citizenship? Let us know what you think below!