Canadian University Is Offering $60,000 Scholarships For DACA Students!

Sometimes when one door closes, another one opens. Fortunately, due to some very supportive Canadians, this saying holds true for some DACA students looking to find alternatives to continue their schooling in North America.

DACA students and immigrants have faced tremendous stress this year as the Trump administration has constantly implemented travel bans and rescinded Obama’s expansion of the DACA law.  Now many immigrants wait in limbo  as the final decision of their circumstances to stay in America awaits. The decision is supposed to be announced about 6 months from now, but despite the wait, places like Huron University have stepped in. Heron University intervened on behalf of DACA students by providing $60,000 scholarships to DACA students who would like to finish studying at the Canadian University. Barry Craig, the principal of Huron University voiced his opinion on this matter.

“What a terrible circumstance. They’re facing deportation, the end of their dreams and the end of their education,” he said. “We want to do anything as a small school to demonstrate our commitment to a just society.” – Barry Craig

With Huron University taking a public stance as aforementioned, we think it’s great for the world to see that there are places that still respect humanity and show altruism regardless of ethnicity. While it’s unknown how many DACA students will take advantage of this offer, we believe some immigrants will enroll at Huron University regardless of Trump’s decision.

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